Monday, January 24, 2011

"Calamari panati", grilled squid in breadcrumbs

Do you know how to cook grilled squid in breadcrumbs? As we live in an island, eating fish and seafood is quite normal. Fried calamari are extremely popular, but I do love a "less famous" version which is also healthier and very easy to prepare. It's calamari in breadcrumbs.

Here comes the recipe: you will need: fresh squids - olive oil - lemon - salt - pepper - oregano - breadcrumbs

Rinse the squid under cold water. In a bowl we do the "marinata": a mix of extra virgin olive oil,salt, a pinch of pepper and lemon juice. If you like you can also add some oregano. Then dip the squid in the marinata and coat it abundantly in breadcrumbs on both sides. Grill on a high heat until golden brown. Transfer on a serving plate with a wedge of lemon. Squid must be eaten soon, possibly with a nice glass of white wine. Enjoy!


  1. Ciao Giorgia!!! Eccomi qui. I calamari sono uno dei miei piatti preferiti, sai? :D

  2. Ciao, troppo buoni!Così, sono una delizia!...