Friday, June 17, 2011

Mint-flavored potato salads, a delicious summer side dish

Do you know how to prepare a lovely fresh side dish with mint-flavored potatoes that taste like Summer? Easy. Just keep on reading :)

The dish I am talking about today is inevitably tied to summer memories back in my childhood and especially to my Grandma: nonna Nuccia, so I wanted to pay tribute to her with this picture & recipe.

In July and August we used to stay all together in a big house in the coutry-side and we would all prepare something for dinner or help mum and grandma in cooking. The mint-flavored potato salads was a typical dish she liked to prepare and eat as well. Very easy and tasty, perfect for a light summer meal.

Recipe for 6 people:
1 kg potatoes
a small bunch of fresh mint
2-3 cloves of garlic
extra virgin olive oil
black pepper

First wash the potatoes under running water then boil them in salted water inside a large casserole.

In the meantime prepare a kind of marinate in a bowl with the olive oil, salt, black pepper as you like, some vinegar, the fresh mint thinly chopped and the garlic cut in thick slices (you don't have to eat it but at least would perfume the dish together with the mint and will make a difference!)

Try the potatoes with a fork, when they are cooked (careful not to overcook them!) drain and let them cool about half an hour, then remove the skin and cut them in pieces, placing them in the bowl with the marinate and mixing well with the oil and the other ingredients together. They have to stay in the fridge at least a couple of hours before being served because they must have time to season and become tasty at their best. Then your palate will enjoy this lovely combination of freshness and goodness!

I like this side dish not only because of my memories but also because is perfect when you are desperate and don't know what to cook. Everyone usually love potatoes and if you want to prepare them in a light Mediterrenean style.... this is definetely the perfect way. You will make all the people happy as it perfect also for vegeterians!


  1. Good to know, I have a lot of mint in the garden this year.

  2. Hi,

    just look great; today is hot and I do have some ghuest this evening so I'll try this salad. Love the italian food, especially from the south. Your nonna looked like she was a lovely person. May she rest in peace.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks Matthieu for the lovely words. I really hope you and your friends will appreciate this dish as much as I do. Have a nice day