Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Tonnare indietro nel tempo", the new book of Gaetano Basile

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon in the beautiful "Kursaal Tonnara" (pic above). Tonnara is the Italian name for a specific place and comes from the word tonno that means tuna. Infact that was the place where tuna fish were trapped and killed by the fishermen.

Nowadays all the tuna nets, the tonnare, are closed and eventually became something else just like this one that is a place for events, concerts and presentations. And infact just there was presented the new book of Gaetano Basile, journalist and local institution for everything regarding the history of Sicily and the Sicilian food and cuisine. 

His latest book talks about the historical places that were the tonnare, about tuna and about fish in general and has got several recipes too. The title is: "Tonnare indietro nel tempo", which means tonnare back in times. 

I couldn't miss this great event and the pleasure of listening to the story of this traditional places that made our wonderful island special for so many centuries. So thanks Mr. Basile for all you do and your great passion you put into it. Very inspiring!!!

If you want to know more about Prof. Basile you can have a look at his Italian website:
Spaghetti italiani

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