Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cauliflower fritters, another way to eat cauli!

Do you know how to prepare some delicious cauliflower fritters?
This dish is great to make children eat this vegetable, as they don't usually like its strong
funny smell. But, if you prepare some fritters like these ones, crunchy outside and soft and tasty inside, I am sure they will love them!!!

Ingredients & preparation for 4 people:
a small cauliflower
1-2 eggs
grated caciocavallo cheese
salt & black pepper
a pinch of nutmeg or turmeric (optional)
e.v. olive oil

It's always difficult in recipes like this, specify the exact quantity for the ingredients. I usually wash the cauliflower and boil it first in salted water. As soon as it is cooked let it drain on a colander so that it gets rid of all the water that contains. Then, in a bowl place our vegetable and mix it with an egg and 3 table spoons of breadcrumb and 3 of grated cheese (if you don't have caciocavallo choose another you like). 

If the mixture is still too soft add more breadcrumb and cheese, if it's too hard add a second egg. A pinch of black pepper to finish with, and nutmeg or turmeric if you like it too. That's it... we are ready to fry!

On a large pan, pour some e.v. olive oil on a high heat, when the oil is hot take a spoon full of the mixture and with the help of a fork or a second spoon slowly place it on the pan. Do the same for the rest of the mix until the pan is full.

Careful because they cook quite quickly. Once they are ready on one side (few minutes) turn them on the other side and when they are golden brown take them out of the pan and place them on kitchen paper for a little while to absorb the exceeding oil, then on a serving plate. They must be served and eaten while still hot!

This is a lovely side-dish that will turn a boring veg in such an excitig recipe! :P


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  1. Made today. lovely easy recipe as mostly stuff you have in the fridge. used parmesan instead as all i had. thanks for sharing!