Friday, November 15, 2013

A creative Sicilian delivers the entire 'pizzeria' at your home!

Yesterday I read a very funny (not to mention amazing) story on a website called Palermoviva. A creative Sicilian pizzaiolo living in the province of Palermo this past summer started delivering pizza with its "ape".
Which is the piece of news? You could ask. Well... this guy does brings you pizza but also brings you an entire mini pizzeria outside your home, where he actually prepares and cooks your pizza on the spot. Isn't he a genius?

The people who have tasted it say the pizza is very good!

I like what the article says: "People think that us southerners are all lazy, but when you have to face an economic crisis, you start being really creative about the type of jobs you can do".

So the message is that you can fight the crisis with your own initiative! Enjoy!

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