Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sicilian Cuisine: a passion is always recognised sooner or later

Can you imagine what an amazing week I've just had... blog-wise? I received an invitation to a television programme, a business offer and a reward email saying that my blog has been included in the personal selection of the most influential and interesting Internet resources published on the website Ville in Italia. What a honour!

Plus, my followers on Facebook are nearly 1000!!! Isn't that amazing?

At the following link, you can find the full selection of the article and the motivation:
“This is another great food blog featuring real traditional Sicilian food and cookery. The author Georgia C. defines herself as a “Sicilian from Sicily, with an international soul” and she is quite passionate about Italian cuisine – her blog demonstrate that!”

So my wise pearl of the day is that if you do something with passion, whatever hobby or activity is, people will eventually recognise and acknowledge it, and when it happens it's going to be such a great feeling. So... many thanks to you all! ;-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In memory of Mamma Carmela!


Dear Readers,

yesterday I received the unexpected and sad news of the wonderful Mamma Carmela's passing away. She was an icon in Palermo, as she had run a Trattoria for more than 50 years, cooking exquisite dishes in the most genuine and familiar style. I want to remember her and her lovely place where many times I went to eat, and if you want to check one of her most famous recipe clic HERE.

Cari Lettori,

ieri ho ricevuto una notizia triste e inaspettata. La meravigliosa Mamma Carmela, che ha cucinato nella sua Trattoria al Borgo vecchio per più di 50 anni si è spenta. Voglio qui ricordarla, e con  lei i suoi deliziosi piatti cucinati in modo genuino e familiare.

Per chi fosse interessato a conoscere una delle ricette più famose di Mamma Carmela, può fare clic

Un pensiero e un abbraccio a tutta la sua splendida famiglia.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fiasconaro & the Easter photo contest

Fiasconaro store in Castelbuono, Sicily
On the occasion of the coming Easter (April the 20th) the very renowned Fiasconaro brand has launched "Pasqua con Fiasconaro" (transl. Easter with Fiasconaro); a digital photo contest on their Official Facebook page with the aim to catch the most captivating moments of people eating a Fiasconaro product. So you only need something of their brand, plus a camera and an account.

The author will publish his/her own photo on the page and the first three winners (most liked pics) will receive a Fiasconaro gift. If anyone is interested you have time until April the 30th to capture and publish your photo. Good luck!