Sunday, April 27, 2014

Food, nature or culture... the perfect holiday is in Sicily!

Are you planning your holiday but still haven’t decided where to go? Let me guess… your wife wants to relax somewhere warm, enjoy the sun and go to the seaside, while you prefer something more stimulating like a cultural or historical destination. Well… I have the solution to your problem! It’s called: S I C I L Y !

We have got everything here: sea, beaches, rocks, uncontaminated natural areas, amazing monuments, mouthwatering food and breathtaking landscapes. You can’t possibly desire more!!!

You may say that organise a trip without knowing the area isn't so easy. True!!! That is why I want to share with you a very interesting website. You know, ... I am always extremely happy when people email me about how they enjoy reading my blog or cooking my recipes, but also when they ask me to get involved with their projects on any level. 

This is exactly what happened few weeks ago with this new project named ONSICILYCARD
, a Dutch website created to promote the beauties of my island: Sicily and, at the same time, help travellers in finding the right spots, saving some money and having the best experience ever.  

How? Simply by buying a card at a starting price of 32 euros. With this card you will get:

  • Discounts, free products and other perks in five different categories (Accommodation, Food & Drink, Workshops and Activities, Nature & Culture, Miscellaneous).
  • A personal guide to find the most beautiful and not yet discovered places in Sicily
  • Up-to-date information about festivities
  • Easily navigate with your smartphone
  • Card valid for at least three weeks (extentions also possible)
  • All participants are personally selected based on quality and service
  • Cardholders will find information both in Dutch and English language.

Could I NOT share with you such an interesting discovery? Of course not! As I like to think of myself as a true Ambassador of my land, cuisine and culture, here I am!
So… if this sounds like your next holiday, do not hesitate to contact them here and found out about all the details.

I leave you with something very poetic that I read there:

Ask an Italian for directions and he will show you where to go
ask a Sicilian for directions and he will take you there.

Do you really want to miss this opportunity????????? ;-)


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