Monday, August 25, 2014

Events: The 'Mandrarossa Vineyard Tour' is back! You don't wanna miss it

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Ernest Hemingway once said: "Wine is the most civilized thing in the world." 
I certainly won't disagree with him.

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Talking about 'the gods nectar', in the Sicilian province of Agrigento, there is a small town called Menfi, where the territories of the "Cantine Settesoli" are situated. 

Settesoli is one of the most outstanding Sicilian Wine Companies located in a unique and breathtaking scenario, just between the ancient Greek village of Selinunte and the spectacular Valle dei Templi

Thanks to the amazing weather, the sun, the wind, the fertile land and the proximity with the sea, the area has been cultivated for decades and decades to produce high-quality wine.  

The most important brand of the company is the MANDRAROSSA, whose name comes from the same surrounding area 'contrada Mandrarossa'.

For those who, next week, will be so lucky to visit this part of Sicily, from Friday 29th of August to Sunday 31st, there is an amazing opportunity: the company infact has organised "The Mandrarossa Vineyard Tour 2014", where visitors will be able to discover the incontaminated and charming land where the grapes are cultivated and turn into wine. They will also partecipate to one of the biggest grape harvest in Europe and above all will smell and taste the Mandrarossa products as well as the local cuisine prepared by the wonderful ladies of Menfi (women between 40 and 75 years old that still cook following the old local tradition).

So... this event is not only for wine amateurs or experts, but it's actually for anyone who is curious or wants to experience a new aspect, discover a part of the rural Sicily, see how the farmers make this excellent products combining tradition with new technologies. It's definetely something you don't wanna miss, because wine is not only a pleasure, wine is nature, wine is culture, wine is tradition and is pure poetry!!!

And if you don't want to believe in me, well... at least believe in Ernest Hemingway.

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  1. Well... that makes 2 of us my dear! Maybe next year :)

  2. I just might do this on Friday or Saturday. Thank you.