Saturday, October 4, 2014

Time for Sicilian excellence, opening soon in Palermo EAT SICILY!

Photo Source: Natale Giunta
Do you remember the famous Chef from Palermo? His name is Natale Giunta and he is back again with an impressive, magnificent and challenging project for the capital of Trinacria. Its name is "Eat Sicily" and it will be a 4 level shopping centre focused on Sicilian excellence in food & wine. 

The Ex Supercinema - Photo: mobilitapalermo

Our superb cuisine and our exquisite products will finally find a stable location in this place that will offer restaurants, wine bars, a pastificio (where fresh pasta is made) also a butcher and several shops that will sell fresh products, of course all made in Sicily. There will be also space for special events and parties.

Gorgeous venue for this place will be via Cavour, in the heart of city-centre, more precisely where the SuperCinema used to be, decades ago. (see pic here on the right).

Deadline for the grand opening is said to be Christmas and I honestly can't wait to see the result of all this. I wish the best of luck to chef Natale for this new venture and to our city as well. We really need it!

Chef Natale Giunta

I seriously hope that it will be an opportunity to help a lot of people in finding jobs, but at the same time a chance to show the world how good our products are and the temperament Sicilians are made of! 

If he really pulls this off in such a difficult place... there is only one word to say to him from the bottom of my heart:

It was about time to have something like that in Palermo! 

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