Friday, November 21, 2014

The "Antica Focacceria" celebrates 180 years of life!

The Antica Focacceria San Francesco, one of the most famous gastronomic spot in Palermo for street food and traditional Sicilian dishes tonight is celebrating its 180 years of business activity. Well done!

Apparently the restaurant has invited the whole city to the party, offering to customers bites of Sicilian food prepared on the spot, but also cooking sessions and live music. Very brave I have to say. Why? Well...

Do you remember I always tell you how food is such a big deal for us Sicilians? In particular, the average Palermo guy has been brought up and fed since his first tooth appeared in his mouth, with local street food such as panelle, spleen sandwich or sfincione. 

He then receives the Baptism the first time he goes to eat to the Focacceria. Basically ... the average Palermo guy lives for occasion like this where he can eat more typical Sicilian food than usual and without spending a dime!

Even the mayor Leoluca Orlando sent his best wishes for the occasion: "This spot is one of the most beautiful thing that our territory has to offer and it's an important historical piece of the mosaic of our city".

I guess the place and the whole square in Via A. Paternostro will be packed... but these are the things that make our city unique and our heart beating faster, so thanks to the Conticello family and CONGRATULATIONS for 180 years of hard and honest work from us!