Monday, May 25, 2015

Etna Coffee, Sicilian street food in London: it's a YES for me!

Lately I have been caught up in the 'British got talent' tv show really badly, so... when yesterday I went to try the first Sicilian street food spot in London, I felt I was the Simon Cowell of the situation: critical about the food, because I wanted to check if it was actually the real thing and if by tasting that food I could have the magical feeling of being brought back to my home city Palermo. 

I have to say it almost worked. Why almost? 
Well... because as the name, logo and concept (here on the left) of the company suggests, the owners are from Catania, the city of our volcano Etna, on the eastern coast of the island. That means, as I have explained many times in different occasions that in Sicily, because is a huge island, every single province has its own characteristics and flair, history and architecture. And obviously food. So there is a humongous difference between what we have in Palermo and what they have in Catania. 

And infact some products were similar, like cannoli, cassatelle, arancini (which in Palermo are called arancinE and have different shapes and fillings), while some others were completely new to me, like the cipollina or the siciliana, which is basically a fried calzone with a filling of tuma cheese and anchovy. The dough was superb and I found it absolutely gorgeous.

So... yes. Arancine, pizzette, cannoli and cassatelle. They all sound (and taste) Sicilian to me. 

And it doesn't matter if you are born in Sicily and are looking for some traditional food in London, if you are a curious Londoner and want to have something different, or if you are just a tourist who is passing by at Victoria station.

Whoever you are... stop there. 
Have a rest. 
Try something new.
Enjoy the atmosphere.
It's worth it!

I will personally come back for some more Catania style food! In the meantime I wish the owner Tano (here on the left) and all his team good luck and a long life in the business. 

And if still I haven't convinced you, well... check their website here ... and you will plan a visit very soon. First here, then directly to Sicily. I am sure. 

So... let's go back to vote, in the British got talent style of course: definitely a YES for ME! :-D

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