Friday, June 3, 2016

My first reci-view is "Swordfish Palermo style" with director Egidio Termine

Dear Friends and Foodies,

the Sicilian Cuisine Blog is very excited to introduce our first video recipe/interview. For those of you who love Sicilian food, movies, but also miss the sound of some proper Italian language, well... this is the video for you!
My guest is superb actor and director: Egidio Termine. Together with him, I am preparing a very traditional recipe called: "Pescespada alla palermitana", which means "Swordfish in Palermo style."

In this interview Egidio talks about his childhood memories, which amazing celebrities he worked with and last but not least his brand new movie: "Il figlio sospeso" (The unsure child), who will compete at the Taormina Film Festival, this coming summer.

I defintely want to thank Egidio Termine for being such a lovely guest for us and I wish him all the best and success with the new movie and the Festival. Also a huge THANK YOU to Patrizia Laria for shooting and editing the video.

I hope you enjoy the recipe and have a good laugh in watching it, as I did in making it!!!

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