Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sicilian tapas, delicious finger food for our guests

My beautiful foodies,
today I am gonna show you some creative ideas of food we can offer to friends when they come to visit us. Starters, finger food, in this occasion I actually came up with the specific name "Sicilian tapas" just because for those who love football and are watching the Euro2016 in France tomorrow we (Italian National Team) are going to play against our Spanish cousins. 

So what better occasion to mingle and offering some tapas that are made of Sicilian products

When you are gathering with friends to watch a game, which I am sure you do tomorrow as tradition wants, people do not really want to sit down for a proper meal, so the best thing to do is preparing different dishes of finger food that you actually get to taste in front of the telly in a very informal way.

From the olives seasoned with e.v. oil of olive, oregano carrots and celery (here on the left) to our typical dried tomatoes (on the right), or mixed pieces of our delicious local cheeses like primosale, caciocavallo, vastedda del Belice, ecc... (big pic above).

Also we can offer the
mini pane e panelle (second pic above), our small pizzete, or
what we called "focaccine" (here on the left).

Focaccine are
basically small pieces of pizza bread stuffed with whatever you like, in the picture there is some parma ham, but it can be more traditional with anchovies and fresh ricotta, or with a modern twist with rocket salads, breasola, parmisan flakes and a squeeze of lemon juice on top.

So here you are, few delicious ideas that you can offer to your Italian and Spanish friends when they come over to your place to see a football match or any other thing really, a movie, the olimpic games, ecc.  

Pair everything with a lovely structured and scented Sicilian white wine, like the Mandrarossa Fiano, Ciaca Bianca.

The Fiano white wine has a pale yellow color with green hues. The aroma of jasmine flowers and grapefruit is quite intense and it also brings lemon juice to mind.

It is also charaterised by mild sensations of basil and bay leaves, that's why pairs perfectly with aromatic herbs, like oregano or mint or basil, fresh cheese, salads but also light fish starters.

So besides wishing good luck to my team for tomorrow, there is only one thing left to say for me: Enjoy!!!

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