Sunday, September 25, 2016

Slice and more, a Sicilian take away in the city of London

Last week I have been invited to an event for the promotion of a new place opened recently in the heart of London. It is called "Slice and more" and is a food take away, where you can find the typical Sicilian rotisserie: calzoni, rollò, arancine, ravazzate, but also pizza and ice-cream.

Opened 10 months ago by three Sicilians and a Scottish man, the place is small and cosy, situated just 3 steps away from Old Street tube station, is the perfect location to stop by and grab some tasty food for lunch or dinner.

The delicious soft dough used for the pieces of rotisserie, made in Palermo style, is prepared in London by a proper Sicilian cook. You can also find the Catania style take away in the city here.

For a Sicilian, living in a place and/or country that is not your own, (whether is Milan, Brussels or London), it can be tough sometimes, just because you miss the simplest things, which 90% of the times come to food.

Finding these places give you in a way the chance to reconnect with your roots, your people, your habits, tastes and flavors. 

What I personally loved about it, it's that I was finally able to find the so called "rotisserie mignon", which is the smaller version of the big pieces.

It's great because it allows you to taste different things at a reasonable price.

So... if you want to try a new alternative place to have something on the go, this is definitely the place for you.

And, for all the Sicilians who live in London, and in particular for those who are from the western coast, from Palermo and province, now you know where to go when you start having that feeling of nostalgia for something that is so far away, until of course your next vacation comes.

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