Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tuna, potatoes and... voilà: you've got your "fish"!

Have you ever heard of the "pesce finto"? This typical southern recipe, whose name literally means fake fish, is a very quick one and so delicious!

You only need some tuna and some boiled potatoes to make the "fish", and few more vegs for decoration. Even though tuna and potatoes are two cheap ingredients, you will prepare something lovely and colorful that looks really impressive. 

I remember when I was a kid, my mum used to prepare it for dinner during summer, in particular those evenings when, desperate, she hadn't had any time to prepare something in advance. And not only this dish is incredibly easy to make, but it's also great fun when it comes to the decoration part, so you can plan it in advance, as something you want to do with your children.
You can go from a very simple one to a more elaborated one. It's only up to you and how much you want to exercise your creativity!

Ingredients and Preparation for 4 people:
2 - 3 tuna cans of 225 gr. (better if in sunflower oil)
3 medium/large sized potatoes
salt & pepper
<<Decor is totally on you!>>

Infact you can put anything you like on top: carrots, any pickles, fresh or dried tomatoes, olives, capers, bell peppers, lemon zest, even sliced hard-boiled eggs if you like them!

All you have to do is: rinse and boil the potatoes with the skin in salted water (use the type you would use for your mash). Let them cool down, then remove the skin and place them in a large bowl. Adjust with salt and pepper.
Add the tuna, carefully eliminating the exceeding oil as soon as you open the cans and with a fork mix the two ingredients all together until they become a thick and compact paste.

Now the fun part starts! 

The idea is obviously to make it look like a real fish, both in shape and decoration, like it's shown in the main pic above, (for example the gherkins pickles are perfect to make the fish scales, I coudn't use them because when I checked in the fridge they were gone already), but if you are in a hurry and don't really have too much time, you can also place it on a normal dish, like here on the right.

Just use your creativity with what you find in your fridge, then leave it there to cool for minimum half an hour or to make it quicker place it in the freezer for 20, 25 minutes.

NOTE - This dish is fabulous when you want to organise a party or a dinner with friends.

It's the perfect starter because: it's tasty and quite light, not complicated to make and everyone welcomes it a big deal because of the colors and the amazing presentation. You can prepare it hours in advance, stick it in the fridge
and forget about it until is time to eat.

Some people also add some mayo onto the decoration, as it is a perfect match with both the ingredients.
Serve it with rustic bread or "filoni", as we call them, or instead, with some different types of crackers. It will be gone in a flash! 

Enjoy! :-)

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