Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pan d'arancio: the perfect marriage between Sicilian almonds & oranges

Have you ever heard of a Sicilian cake called "pan d'arancio"? The pan d'arancio (literally orange bread) is a typical cake prepared in the province of Palermo that eminently combines two typical products that Sicily offers during the winter and the spring season: oranges and almonds.

It is a soft orange-flavored sponge, perfect for any occasion: a birthday, a rich breakfast or a Sunday afternoon tea with family and friends. 

It has an extremely delicate taste and it can be served either with a sprinkle of icing sugar or with a bit of more character, the proper orange icing on top.

It's absolutely delicious!

Ingredients and preparation:

200 gr. 00 raising flour
100 gr. ground almonds
150 gr. caster sugar
150 gr. butter
1 large orange (zest and juice)
3 eggs

For the icing:

100 gr. icing sugar
the juice from 1 orange

1.In a large bowl mix the eggs with the sugar, whisk well until properly and smoothly beaten. 2. Add the grounded almonds plus the raising flour, finally the melted butter. 3. In a blender put the whole orange (previously rinsed) in pieces (better if a biological one). 4. Once it has become a pure' add it to the rest of the mixture until is smooth. 5. Pour the mix in a baking tin previously buttered and floured and bake in the oven for about 40 minutes. Temperature should be 180°degrees.

To check the cake open the oven after 30 minutes (never before) and try it with a wooden stick to see if it's still uncooked or humid in the middle. Try again, if required, a second time after 10 minutes.

Prepare the icing in a plate by melting the orange juice with the icing sugar until you get a semithick icing that you can pour on top of the cake and on the side using a spatula. You can also decorate it with small orange candies on top. 

You will find that this typical cake not only is exquisite but is also extremely genuine. Enjoy!

To see a lighter version of the Pan d'arancio click HERE

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