Would you like to visit Sicily and discover how some traditional products and dishes are prepared?

Do you need an article to let people know about your new restaurant or a space advert that everyone can see?

Are you passionate about our cuisine and want to attend a course?

If you are interested in coming to Western Sicily and need help for one of those things or more, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 


We will do our best to help you discovering the real Sicily and having a great time!


  1. Dear Georgia, I really like your Sicilian Cuisine site! Thank you for introducing me to it. I will be a regular visitor. I can see that I am going to learn a lot from it. As it happens, I am making Sicilian Turkey/lemon/raisin meatballs tonight. Good timing!
    Warmest regards,
    Neil N

  2. Ciao Georgia!

    I stumbled upon your blog while researching Sicily for a trip this fall. I checked out some of your recipes while I was looking to find out what was in sarde a beccafico. Your blog is great and I'd like to sign up! I gave up Face Book and Instagram this past year because Zuckerberg and Facebook didn't monitor for Russian interference, so can you tell me whether I just need to go to your web site regularly or can I subscribe?

    Best of luck. We'll be in Palermo some time in late September- the first week in October and I'm very excited to finally visit the beautiful Sicily!